Global drilling excellence with tde reviews: your gateway to precision benchmarking and enhanced rig performance

Tap into a global database of over 70,000 wells and 1,800 rigs to drive strategic drilling decisions, reduce operational costs, and optimize efficiency with our industry-leading KPI benchmarking platform.

Unique performance KPI benchmarking platform

Designed to help companies compare and understand global rig performance effectively. It utilizes data from tde pronova, adhering to stringent tde standards for data processing and quality control.


Get more insights out of your pronova KPI performance data

Compare metrics with others

Analyse performance trend

Search for the best rig

Big data access performance KPIs from 70,000+ wells and 1,800 rigs

Selective filtering and grouping compare KPIs between similar rigs working on similar projects

High-granularity level decreases project cost and increases time estimation accuracy

Data is processed and quality controlled by tde; the entire dataset undergoes QC using tde's industry-leading standards.

Easy to integrate into your organisation – designed based on a modern cloud data warehousing solution

tde reviews is a unique performance KPI benchmarking platform that helps companies compare and understand global rig performance, ensuring optimal operational efficiency.

It provides a consolidated dataset of KPI performance metrics, following tde standards for data processing and quality control, allowing for comprehensive performance analysis.

The platform offers selective filtering and grouping using a comprehensive set of metadata, which helps in analyzing performance trends and identifying the best rigs.

Yes, tde reviews is designed for easy integration into organizational structures via modern cloud data warehousing solutions, allowing for SQL queries, API integration, and embedding of BI tools and dashboards.

Combining these tools accelerates the learning curve by accessing shared KPI offset data during the planning phase, enhancing data utilization and strategic planning.

Joining tde reviews requires no extra effort from the member organization. tde manages the automatic and consistent contribution of performance metrics to the platform.