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Clean and affordable energy,CO2 Reduction through efficient operations,Decarbonization of heavy industry activities,Streamlining operations with data insights,Smarter and cleaner operations

We are a pioneer in innovative data driven technology and sustainable solutions with more than 23 years of experience in the energy industry.

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Performance evaluation

tde pronova

tde pronova is a global standard and independent performance evaluation platform with proven savings and customer satisfaction while reducing environmental impact.

Downhole power and communication

tde powerline

tde powerline will be the industry’s first power and data highway technology, an intelligent digital drilling system, which is a key enabler for drilling automation at the edge.

Surface measurement and control

tde sona

tde sona is the fully automated multi-measurement system to optimize production in brownfield wells.

operations optimization

tde empower

tde empower is the exclusive network of tde experts supported by our data driven technologies.

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Embrace over 20 years of leading in data-driven tech and sustainability. Our global reach and local insights provide tailored strategies, keeping you ahead in the ever-changing energy sector.


We’re committed to transforming the energy industry into one that’s both productive and green, underlining your commitment to a better planet.

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Our partnership philosophy means your success is our success. Benefit from our track record of enhancing operational excellence and sustainability.