Maximize rig efficiency with tde pronova:

Data-driven performance evaluation

Harness the power of over 70,000 wells’ data to enhance operational efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and unlock significant savings, all through our intuitive and seamlessly integrated platform.

First in the market and global standard in Performance Evaluation

What you don't measure, you cannot improve.

tde pronova is the leading solution in Performance Evaluation, offering established excellence in efficiency improvement with proven savings and customer satisfaction. An enabler for the decarbonization of drilling operations.

wells of applied machine-learning


global rigs use tde solutions

Operation recognition

Operation Recognition States are derived from standard rig sensor data and enhanced by best-in-class manual data contextualization, quality control, and enrichment. This process translates the data into actionable performance Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Specific KPIs

Utilize decades of expertise with tde pronova's customized performance measurements. Beyond standard KPIs, we provide specialized KPIs tailored to specific use cases like rig equipment and directional drilling, or based on your company's unique requirements.

Performance and savings benchmarks

Using insights from 70,000 wells via tde proNova's KPIs, you can establish performance benchmarks, uncover potential savings, and compute actual savings and ROI, all while reducing CO2 emissions.

Automated custom reports:

Receive fully automated, accurate performance reports periodically. Easily create and export customized reports to highlight your organization's achievements.

24/7 Real-time monitoring:

Stay updated with real-time sensor data. Monitor OPREC states and performance KPIs using the responsive tde pronova trace web app.

Performance BI solutions

Enhance your data analytics with our BI solutions. We offer custom automated Power BI reports, Well Comparison tools for tailored report creation in our web app, and a robust in-memory tabular model for handling big data queries, all integrated through our data gateway for your BI reporting needs.

High-level performance dashboards

tde pronova provides advanced performance dashboards that enable team leads and executives to monitor key performance metrics across rigs without needing to check each rig's performance status individually.

API Integration for simplified data management

tde pronova offers straightforward API integration that avoids complex changes to your internal IT systems. It provides full API access for in-house development and engineering teams through the pronova REST API, and supports data exchange with the certified proNova WITSML Store interface.

tde pronova is an advanced platform that optimizes well delivery performance through real-time Key Performance Indicator (KPI) analytics and operations recognition.

It uses real-time data to calculate operation recognition states and performance KPIs, helping identify efficiencies and potential savings.

tde pronova provides customized KPIs tailored to specific use cases, including rig equipment and directional drilling.

Yes, tde pronova seamlessly integrates with existing IT infrastructure and supports various data formats like WITSML, CSV, LAS, and S3.

It offers insights that help reduce CO2 emissions and operational costs, supporting sustainable practices in drilling operations.

tde pronova reduces operational time, costs and risks, and increases efficiency through data-driven decision-making.