Technology provider of
hydrogen and carbon solutions
to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy.

We address the energy supply challenges by transforming natural gas to hydrogen as a scalable, low-cost and sustainable energy carrier. Consequently, producing solid carbon as secondary raw material for energy storage and agricultural applications.

Years of
tons of
emissions reduction

We offer 3 hydrogen and carbon initiatives applicable for different industries and sectors.

tde hydrogen

tde hydrogen is an initiative focused on producing hydrogen and carbon without CO2 emissions from natural- or biogas via plasma- or pyrolysis utilizing only 20% of the energy compared to electrolysis.

tde hydrogen storage

tde hydrogen storage proposes the use of solid carbon to create organic carbon-based hydrogen storage for decentralized systems at different scales: large, medium and small storage systems.

tde carbon

tde carbon is an initiative focused on the benefits of solid organic carbon to enhance soil quality, reduce water consumption in agricultural applications, and address global food security challenges.