Unlock performance excellence with tde empower: tde’s global network of experts for consulting engineering services.

Start with a data analysis of your rig’s operations to pinpoint cost, time, and emission reductions. Then, harness our 23+ years of data-driven insights combined with our experts’ extensive practical knowledge to implement tailored solutions to improve operational efficiency and sustainability.

Expert consulting service and deep analytics

Performance gap analysis and savings potential reports - understand and unleash savings potential. We are ready to ingest, process and analyze rig fleet data and utilize our data-driven solutions and experts' skills to improve your operations.

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international offices

Technical offer

Receive a comprehensive technical proposal for a performance enhancement plan tailored for multiple rigs. This plan includes expert involvement for effective implementation using tde's extensive global infrastructure.

Improvement plan

Receive a structured improvement plan designed to enhance operational performance efficiently. This paid plan utilizes proven processes to save time and costs while also reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Drilling performance engineers
  • Well planning engineers
  • Logistics engineers
  • Consultants Well data analysts
  • many more…

Identify improvements

Optimize performance

Save time, costs and emissions improvements

tde empower is tde's global network of experts for consulting engineering services. A consultant empowered by tde's data-driven solutions to analyze operations, identify risks and give actionable insights remotely or on the rig.

Our experts combine their extensive knowledge with our 23 years of data and engineering expertise to guide structured improvement plans that enhance rig performance and reduce carbon footprints.

The technical offer includes a plan to improve performance across multiple rigs, with expert engagement for plan implementation using tde's global infrastructure.

The improvement plan, which is a paid service, includes proven processes to boost operational performance, save time and costs, and reduce carbon emissions.

By equipping teams with digital tools and profound knowledge, tde empower prepares them to make informed decisions that enhance efficiency and sustainability across rig fleets.