Advance your well monitoring with tde perform:

Unified data visualization and analysis

Empower your operational decisions, the all-in-one platform that integrates and analyzes well data, providing crucial measurements and key performance indicators to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Comprehensive online monitoring and analysis for producing wells"

tde perform offers robust monitoring capabilities, integrating both existing and new data points to provide vital measurements and calculate essential performance indicators like fluid levels, pressure metrics, and pump efficiency, using advanced AI for dynamocard shape classification.

Boost production and efficiency with a unified platform that provides a comprehensive view of performance, costs, and environmental impact, consolidating all your data in one place.

tde collaborates with partners to enhance tde perform, making it a high-value product for customers and the industry.

tde has developed 38 targeted Key Performance Indicators for ESP benchmarking, streamlining real-time analytics to minimize failures and downtime while optimizing supplier inventory and operations management, significantly enhancing traditional statistical approaches.

tde perform optimizes operations by providing real-time analytics and production's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), enhancing production efficiency and environmental management.

The platform offers comprehensive KPI analysis with 38 solid KPIs for performance benchmarking and real-time monitoring of well and artificial lift performance.

By enabling instant evaluation and proactive analysis, tde perform streamlines operations, reduces production downtime, and enhances equipment reliability.

It offers efficiency and risk reduction, and is continually enhanced with industry insights to maintain high value for customers and the industry.

tde perform integrates smoothly with existing systems, providing a powerful tool for improving ESP management and operations, and driving substantial improvements in inventory and operations management.