Discover our 7 sustainable solutions to improve HSE practices and decarbonize your operations across different industries and sectors.

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Our Solutions

Downhole power and communication

We bring game-changing power and data highway technology to the energy industry and Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) applications. A key enabler for drilling and production automation, it is cost-effective, reliable, and retrofitted into existing pipes.


Downhole measurement and control

We use high-tech sensors and devices that enable our digital systems. With continuous monitoring at-bit and along-string, we enable prompt, informed and actionable decision-making. Our technology ensures the digital and consistent delivery of safe, efficient wells, accurately placed and on schedule.

tde powerline asm
tde powerline interfaces

Surface communication

We collaborate with cloud computing and digital streaming providers to transfer data with the most reliable communications systems in the market.

Surface measurement and control

We provide monitoring systems to collect the required data to optimize your operations.

Our sensors and edge devices are reliable, certified, and high-quality measuring electronics, and custom solutions for complete measurement systems.

tde data gateway
tde sona calibration
tde wellhead pressure
tde bottomhole pressure

Data management and visualization

We process and standardize the collected data efficiently so that our clients can easily use it for precise decision-making.

We ingest and aggregate rig data from sensors, directional drilling companies and mud loggers.

Our data acquisition system adapts to any environment using Industry Internet of Things (IIoT) technology to enable digital transformation.

tde data gateway
tde ingest
tde data store
tde trace
tde data management service

Performance evaluation

We leverage insights from more than 70,000 wells captured over 23 years using tde pronova’s KPIs.

This extensive and standardized database enables us to set performance benchmarks and identify potential and actual savings in time, cost, and CO2 emissions reduction.

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tde reviews
tde plan
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tde perform

Operations optimization

We provide a sustainable and data driven process to enhance performance and reduce the CO2 footprint of your operations.

Our unique data driven approach enables the decarbonization of upstream operations while optimizing well construction costs and enhancing production.

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tde advise
tde supervise
tde prognose