Enabling drilling automation with tde powerline:

The first high power and data highway technology

Transform your drilling operations with the industry’s first scalable digital solution that enhances safety, efficiency and sustainability without the need for rig modifications.

Unlock the potential of your drilling operations with tde powerline.

By converting standard drill pipes into intelligent digital conduits, tde powerline delivers real-time data transmission and continuous power supply directly to your drill site, ensuring enhanced decision-making and operational precision.

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downhole power

tde powerline elevates drilling efficiency with advanced power and seamless integration

High downhole power and a remarkable data transfer rate enhance operational responsiveness.

Retrofit compatibility with existing drill pipes simplifies upgrades.

Absence of turbines and batteries promotes cleaner, more efficient operations.

The sustainable solution

To make pipes intelligent - upgrade existing drill pipes to digital capability and install onsite.

Our retrofitted design used with existing drill pipes means that no additional steel pipe manufacturing is needed, reducing CO2 emissions (1.85 tonnes of carbon per 1 tonne of steel).

Enhance drilling precision

With real-time downhole data and continuous power to reduce risk and costs by lowering the Non-Productive Time (NPT) and Invisible Lost Time (ILT) of drilling operations.

  • No turbines and no batteries
  • Accurate steering
  • High quality of sensors
  • Clean digital signal
  • Full automation possible
  • Precise well placement
  • Permanent data transfer
  • Multiple along string measurements
  • Reduced human dependency
  • No complex mechanical mud pulse telemetry
  • Complete integration with the rig and third party systems
  • Real-time understanding of drill string dynamics
  • Measurement and transmission while drilling and tripping
  • Smooth well trajectory (no micro dogleg)

Low cost of ownership, operatorship and vendor-neutrality viable solution for all well programs and drilling applications

Game-changing data with continuous power reduce NPT/ILT, risk and cost

Enable next-step in automation and real-time engineering powering electro-mechanically activated downhole tools

tde powerline asm

tde powerline asm are along-string measurement and control devices installed in the drill string at multiple locations. tde powerline asm provides key measurements for monitoring the drill string, hole quality and drilling fluid properties.

tde powerline interface

tde powerline interface are devices to link tde powerline with third party downhole tools from service companies.

tde powerline is an open system, we invite third party M/LWD providers to enable their tools to utilize our tde powerline power and data highway.

tde powerline is the first high power and data highway technology that enables drilling automation. A digital drilling system that upgrades your standard drilling pipes into intelligent conduits for downhole power and data transmission.

It offers high downhole power and remarkable data transfer rates, which improve operational responsiveness. Its retrofit compatibility with existing drill pipes also simplifies upgrades, while its turbine and battery-free design ensures cleaner operations.

Using tde powerline can significantly reduce non-productive time (NPT) and operational costs, improve data accuracy for real-time decision-making, and cut CO2 emissions. It also eliminates dependency on lithium batteries, supporting environmental sustainability.

tde powerline ASM (along-string measurements) enhances drilling efficiency through precise along-string measurements, integrated control systems, and mechanical components for downhole actuation. This technology is effective in complex drilling scenarios, providing critical data for accurate, real-time adjustments.

tde powerline Interfaces ensure compatibility and efficient integration of the tde powerline system with third-party downhole tools. These interfaces promote seamless communication and broad compatibility, enhancing drilling operations with a unified system that minimizes disruptions and maintains operational continuity.