Frequently Asked Questions

tde specializes in providing innovative technology solutions that enhance the efficiency and sustainability of energy resources.

tde serves multiple sectors within the energy industry, including Upstream Energy/Oil and Gas, Midstream Energy/Oil and Gas, as well as Special Construction and Mining.

We are dedicated to enhancing efficiency and promoting sustainability across these industries.

Our sustainable solutions in the energy sector can be explored in depth on our tde energy division page.

Additionally, for information on our innovative practices across other industries, including our digital solutions, visit our tde digital division page.

Together, these sectors highlight our commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology with sustainable practices.

Key technologies include data-driven analytics, advanced drilling technologies and optimization tools for energy extraction and management.

Through innovative technologies that reduce the environmental impact of energy extraction and use, tde promotes sustainability in the energy sector.

Yes, tde offers customizable solutions tailored to the specific operational needs and challenges of their clients.

tde provides comprehensive support including installation, training and ongoing maintenance for their technologies.

tde has two main locations.

The headquarters is at TDE Group Limited, Al Maqam Tower, ADGM Square, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Contact our Abu Dhabi office at +971 2 5466681 or via email at

Our European Headquarters, TDE Digital GmbH, is located at Parkstrasse 25, 8700 Leoben, Austria. Contact our European office at: +43 3842 48481-10 or via email at We also have various global offices and service points to support international clients.

Abu Dhabi office:

+971 2 5466681

European office:

+43 3842 48481-10

tde offers both onsite and remote training sessions tailored to help clients effectively utilize their technologies.

Yes, tde actively collaborates on R&D projects with partners across the industry to innovate and improve technologies.

Key benefits include enhanced operational efficiency, reduced environmental impact and access to cutting-edge technology solutions.

tde follows strict data security protocols to protect client information and ensure compliance with global privacy standards.

tde incorporates environmental conservation measures in all projects, aiming to minimize carbon footprints and promote sustainable energy use.