Advance drilling precision with tde prognose:

Predictive analytics for optimal well performance

Leverage groundbreaking machine learning from 70,000+ wells for real-time optimization and dysfunction detection, ensuring continuous operational improvement and superior decision-making capabilities.

A robust solution designed to identify drilling dysfunctions and issues, enhancing predictive analytics.

It enables fast decision-making, reduces the risk of operations, and captures knowledge through collaborative best practices. It suggests corrective actions to ensure drilling operations remain within expected parameters, promoting safer and more consistent performance.

wells of Machine Learning
years of drilling

Real Time ROP Prediction

Real Time ROP Optimization


Capture deviations from plan

Classifies and filters the drilling symptoms and incidents

Identifies the potential root causes

Implement modern engineering solutions for simulation of the current operation

Recommends preventive actions and contingency plans using an extensive library of best practices and analytic solutions.

Audit feedback and frequently update the plan. Enables fast decision making, reducing risk of operations.

tde prognose is a component of the tde digital integrated well delivery solutions, offering advanced surveillance and predictive capabilities to enhance well planning and execution in the drilling industry.

It features automated dysfunction detection using machine learning from over 70,000 wells and provides real-time optimizations for the Rate of Penetration (ROP), crucial for efficient drilling.

By capturing deviations and recommending corrective actions, tde prognose facilitates faster and more accurate decision-making, enhancing safety and consistency in drilling operations.

It continuously updates drilling plans based on audit feedback and best practices, significantly reducing operational risks and ensuring continuous improvement.

The system suggests preventive actions and alternative contingency plans, leveraging an extensive library of e-Best Practices and analytic solutions to maintain operations within expected parameters.