Advance your drilling reporting with tde supervise:

Real-time automation and precision

Revitalize your reporting process with tde supervise’s innovative automatic operations recognition, minimizing manual effort and maximizing operational insight and accuracy.

Save time on daily reporting and focus on outperforming.

Automating your DDR efforts

Let tde supervise apply its advanced data analytics, comparing actual activities with the plan to keep you informed on deviations and automatically create your daily activity reports.

tde supervise is an interactive, real-time software solution that automates daily operations reporting, enhancing reporting quality and saving time through automatic operations recognition.

It allows for real-time monitoring of digital drilling operations with seamless integration into existing infrastructure and third-party software, including tde pronova and tde plan.

Utilizing intelligent state detection technology, tde supervise standardizes event descriptions, minimizes manual data entry, and allows more focus on strategic tasks, supporting digitalization initiatives.

Launched in a holistic digital environment, tde supervise enables comprehensive KPI aggregation and global benchmarking, benefiting from technical development partnerships with industry leaders.

Designed to elevate operational performance and reporting, tde supervise is a vital tool for modern drilling operations, making operations management more efficient and precise.