tde empowering Neptune Energy to save $5m



In November 2019, Neptune Energy started a contract with the Deepsea Yantai semi-submersible rig, with a particular focus on performance on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Offshore drilling operations have been monitored using tde proNova to understand and improve their operational performance. During this period, Deepsea Yantai has been conducting operations in three different fields – Duva, Gjøa and made one major discovery in 2020 in the Dugong field. During this time, 15 wells and their sidetracks have been monitored, and several KPIs were used for analysis. Benchmark targets were set and updated based on rig performance.

How tde pronova helps

By observing the differences between target benchmark and actual performance, tde proNova was able to show Neptune Energy how to identify inefficiencies in near real-time, which resulted in a quick improvement of the performance. Importance was placed on controlling the components of Weight-to-Weight connection times, including Weight to Slips Time, Slip to Slip Time, and Slip to Weight Time. In addition to Drilling KPIs, Neptune also focused on Tripping, Casing, and in completion Screen, and Tubing KPIs. Successful drilling optimization lies in continuous improvement and targeted control over an extended period based on global best practices. Therefore, Neptune Energy was able to gain considerable time savings.

From the figures below, it can be seen that:

  • Since the beginning of operations in 2019, the drilling performance has improved significantly over time.
  • Major improvement is detected in all components of detailed drilling Weight-to-Weight connections.
  • Slip-to-Slip connection time and Pipe Moving time while tripping has been improved, and there is a potential for performance improvement.
  • Casing Slip-to-Slip and Pipe moving time has seen a considerable improvement over time.
  • Screen times have slightly improved over different wells, with tde pronova detecting potential for performance improvement.
  • Monitoring performance with tde pronova has helped to benchmark the tubing times and detect potential savings.
  • An overall general performance improvement over time has been achieved, as shown by the more than 23 actual days saved with all the monitored KPIs.
Key Performance IndicatorsActual Savings [d]
Tripping – Slip to Slip Connection Time12.0
Tripping – Pipe Moving Time4.5
Drilling – Weight to Slips Time0.2
Drilling – Slip to Slip Connection Time0.6
Drilling – Slips to Weight Time0.5
Casing – Slip to Slip Connection Time2.8
Casing – Pipe Moving Time1.5
Screen – Slip to Slip Connection Time0.03
Screen – Pipe Moving Time0.1
Tubing – Running Slip to Slip Connection Time0.3
Tubing – Pipe Running Time0.3
Summation of Actual Savings22.8