Bouchra Lamik-Thonhauser wins the Unternehmerinnen Award 2022!

tde is extremely proud to congratulate our co-founder and COO Bouchra Lamik-Thonhauser for winning the Unternehmerinnen Award 2022!

Dedicating this award to women who have the courage to enter engineering and science, this prestigious honor is a tribute to the years of teamwork and dedication to empower outperformance and decarbonization of the global energy industry by minimizing CO2 emissions with tde digital technologies!

Thank you to the WKO and Frau in der Wirtschaft for championing female entrepreneurship and woman in technology!

The Unternehmerinnen Award (Female Entrepreneurs) presented by “Women in Business” and “Die Presse”, took place in Vienna. The chosen categories recognized exceptional women entrepreneurs who have demonstrated courage, innovative strength, creativity, with their very special entrepreneurial success stories. This award aims to increase visibility of female entrepreneurs and their great achievements, with 241 submissions this year, the award set a new record and we are incredily proud of our COO, global tde team and the commitment of our clients.

We are empowering our clients to deliver exceptional operational performance to save millions of tons of CO2 every year since the beginning of the millennium.

Data – the most important raw material of the future, read the Die Presse article (in German) and watch the awards ceremony below…