Introducing tde supervise

Save time on daily reporting and focus on outperforming

tde has launched the new drilling operations reporting solution, tde supervise. The interactive, real-time software solution that utilizes proprietary automatic operations recognition to automatically generate an editable Activity Log for daily drilling reports. This streamlines the speed and accuracy of morning reporting workflows by standardizing company coding and accuracy of fleetwide reporting.

Developed with direct feedback and collaboration with major international operators, tde supervise is built upon the technical partnerships and knowledge from industry leaders. Utilizing tde’s proprietary intelligent state detection to deliver the best product for the industry that integrates seamlessly with the client’s infrastructure and 3rd party software, as well as other tde digital drilling solutions.

Supporting digitalization initiatives, tde supervise automatically suggests company-specific codes and standardizes descriptions of events. This minimizes manual data entry, saving time to allow users to focus on other tasks.

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