tde digital drilling
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tde digital drilling

tde is the market-leading provider of data analytics solutions for performance benchmarking and optimisation in the upstream segment of the Oil & Gas industry.

Our digital drilling solutions have been used on ~30% of all global rigs to deliver over 50,000 wells by consuming and processing vast quantities of historical, real-time, and modelled data to identify performance improvements and savings.

Our independent and vendor-neutrality positions us as the industry standard with numerous global framework agreements with supermajors, NOCs, and large independent operators.

Data drives our digital drilling platform for informed decision-making, enabled by the innovative solutions tde ingest, tde proNova, tde supervise, tde planand tde powerline with the lowest impact on risk, cost, and environment.

From data to insight to action - learn how tde digital drilling solutions enable outperformance...