tde: from data to insight to action.

tde helps companies in the oil & gas and energy industries radically improve their operations.
We provide integrated technology, intelligence, and platforms to simplify and enhance the planning, design, and execution of complex projects. From data to insight to action, we help customers outperform themselves and their rivals.


passion for precision

Meticulous as competitive advantage.
We help our clients to extract the most out of their operations and their team. For users who want to be empowered by having the right information at their fingertips to assemble the bigger picture to make educated decisions while minimizing risk and maximizing safety.

people as partners

Colleagues as partners, as well as clients as partners.
We embrace a partnership approach: We want our partners and their businesses to thrive by our commitment utilizing the expertise, curiosity, and resilience of tde.

performance by design

Standard technology is no longer good enough for the challenges ahead.
Therefore, constant innovation and improvement drives the industry.By creating insights, we design performance and performance designs sustainable constant value.

Mission Statement

tde is dedicated to helping companies in the energy industry reach new levels of operational excellence.

tde's origins are in the oil and gas drilling industry, where we pioneered performance optimization with our proNova data services. Since then, we have become an agile global organization, fine-tuning operations with innovative technologies, digital tools, and precision field intelligence. Empowering customers in terms of safety, speed, consistency, cost reduction and positive impact.
From data to insight to action: our aim is to empower project planners, data analysts and on-site exploration and executive teams to make informed decisions and take fast action - in the office and in the field.
Using advanced innovation with real-time data acquisition, digital tools, and automation, as well as our vast pool of comparative data and analysis methods, we want to harness the power and possibilities of digitization to enhance performance significantly and measurably.
Empowering you to outperform.

Bouchra Lamik-Thonhauser tde CEO

Bouchra Lamik-Thonhauser

Gerhard Thonhauser tde Chairman

Gerhard Thonhauser


tde is recognized with prestigious awards for outperformance in our work, services, innovation, and technology.