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SiDi + tde partnership transforming the future!

SiDi, as one of the leading industrial innovation and R&D companies in Brazil, has entered into a collaborative partnership with tde, a global performance optimisation solutions provider to the oil, gas and renewable energy industries headquartered in Abu Dhabi UAE.
Since 2020, SiDi has been accredited by the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), which enables the institute to participate in calls for projects for technological solutions financed by sector promotion funds. The focus is on three pillars in which SiDi has strong competence: artificial intelligence, which includes natural language processing (NLP), computer vision and data science; cloud computing and cyber security - a critical area in this industry.

Last year, the institute developed a project for the company Geogin, which provides software and consulting solutions for oil and energy companies. The project involved the application of NLP in the area of solutions for regulatory processes.

For over two decades tde has been delivering the de facto industry standard in empirical, metrics-based solutions to improve upstream oil and gas activities to ensure operational excellence in safety, efficiency, accuracy and consistency. With over 150 clients globally and achieving over $500m of identified savings potential annually, tde solutions have been utilised on over 30% of all rigs worldwide.

More recently tde has established a new division focusing on applying this extensive domain experience to the geothermal industry, as well as developing patented industrial solutions for emissions-free hydrogen production.

The partnership is part of SiDi's strategy to expand its operations to new markets and will strengthen its position to develop advanced technology projects and solutions in the energy sector. “With this partnership, the objective is to use SiDi's competence in the area of Artificial Intelligence for more complex analysis of the available data, in different scenarios, in order to meet the specific needs of the company's customers”, explains Tadeu Vidal, SiDi's business consultant for this market.

“tde is very excited to enter into this collaboration with SiDi in one of our most important markets. Together we are looking forward to cooperating with the Brazilian oil and gas industry to develop unique technologies to improve drilling and well operations and to lower the CO2 footprint of well construction and operations” enthused Gerhard Thonhauser , tde Group CEO

“SiDi is a center of excellence in research and development, focused on disruptive technologies for the industry. tde believes that the synergies between SiDi and tde have an enormous potential to generate value for the oil and gas industry in Brazil as a whole” explains Arthur Kanematsu, manager for South America at tde.

“tde has been an active and trusted provider of independent services to major oil and gas Operators in Brazil for many years, and this exciting collaboration with SiDi as a well respected and highly innovative partner, sharing both tde's corporate vision and strategic industrial outlook, further reinforces tde's deep commitment to the Brazilian market” explains Matt Regan, tde's Global VP for Business Development and Marketing.