Security & Compliance

proNova by TDE understands the security and safety of data is essential. As a company and service provider we have created the environment where clients can trust us to handle, store and keep their data protected, consequently we take Security and Compliance seriously.

Therefore, you can find information regarding to the following Security and Compliance topics:

ISO Certification

proNova Data Store

Data security is the most important thing for us, which we live strictly by the following rules:

Whenever you decide – for whatever reason – to leave proNova, you can request the complete deletion of all your data stored in our system. proNova also provides multiple ways to export your data in common file formats from our web-based application at any time.

We also support the programmatic API access to your data in our proNova data store via standardized web service calls (proNova REST API). In addition, data can be programmatically accessed from our certified WITSML Store (proNova WITSML Store).

Backup Strategy

proNova hosts its system in a redundant server environment with a high focus on backup processes:

Advanced Network Protection

We have Cisco firewalls for protecting our world-wide company network in place:

Agile Development Process

Our product development team for the proNova service abides by the rules of Scrum as a modern and agile development process with ...

The development team consists of software engineers, product owners and drilling engineers with multiple years of experience in this domain. All developments of the agile process must be approved by a product owner and before they are part of our productive releases, the new features are tested and confirmed by our separate release team.

Our agile teams use a project management tool for issue and task tracking.

Release & Maintenance Lifecycle

We have a well-defined release lifecycle in place, based on the iterations of the agile development process. Every four weeks the latest version of the proNova web application is deployed for all users. As part of this release and maintenance day (which occurs at least every four weeks) our proNova server infrastructure is updated to keep the complete system up to date and secure against any potential attacks.

We are using a deployment automation and management tool for the release of new proNova service versions.

Federation-based Authentication

Federation-based authentication is in place for user management, authentication and role-based access right assignment. We can offer you the setup of a trusted relationship between proNova and your organization for user authentication. This enables single sign-on for your users and allows you to keep the user management process completely in your hands.

Otherwise proNova can of course take care regarding the management of user access to our web-based analysis and reporting services by applying your organizational policies for your users in our user administration system.

Data Protection

We consider the privacy of your data and therefore we only require the minimum amount of personal information that is absolutely necessary to fulfill the purpose of your interaction with us. We only process personal data with your consent as part of our business relationship and we will never sell it to third parties.

We are compliant to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU and comply with the EU-US Privacy Shield framework.

proNova Support

proNova provides support on multiple levels:

Technological Partners

As we are an independently owned company, our technological strategy is to cooperate with global and strong partners: