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tde powerline

Enabling the digital drilling system for safe, competitive, and sustainable drilling.

Industry’s first high power, high bandwidth intelligent digital drilling system, a key enabler for drilling automation which is cost-effective, reliable and can be retrofitted to existing drill pipes (including double shoulder).
This requires no rig modification, no repeaters, no added operational time delivering a fully vendor-neutral, open-architecture platform for third-party BHA components.
Reducing NPT by eliminating pulsers, turbines, batteries and enabling a continuous view of conditions at-bit and along-string to drive immediate, informed, and actionable decision-making to deliver safe, efficient wells digitally and consistently, accurately and on schedule.

The sustainable solution to upgrade drill pipes digitally

tde powerline can be retrofitted to existing drill pipes and installed practically anywhere - enabling automation and real-time engineering.

Low cost of ownership, operatorship and vendor-neutrality

tde powerline is the sustainable digital drilling solution - the industry first technically and economically viable solution - for all well programs and drilling applications.

Game-changing data with continuous power reduces NPT/ILT, risk and cost

tde powerline radically improves economics, sustainable and efficient drilling with real-time data for optimised well placement and sampling with directional drilling.

Enable next-step in automation and real-time engineering

tde powerline empowers full and immediate information feedback by powering electro-mechanically activated downhole tools to deliver continuous feedback.

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