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tde plan

Plan wells in minutes not weeks

Planning wells can be a costly and time-intensive process, to get the most out of planning, tde plan delivers the opportunity to plan wells in minutes and not weeks. Utilizing tde's knowledge of historical wells to generate well plans, time, and cost forecasting for the new generation of drilling engineers, time planners and forecast engineers.

improve planning process

An interactive planner to automate and streamline the planning process, workflows, and reporting, which integrates with 3rd party solutions and other digital products.

accelerate cost management

Easily generate interactive risk profiles (P10 - P90) with time, cost, and budget planning estimations with minimal manual input.

save time for the well planning process

tde plan keeps you focused on your goal: to design your well with maximum efficiency. As the automated, web-based KPI-driven operations planning solution, tde plan generates more value from existing data to accelerate the planning cycle, while simultaneously providing high time and cost forecast accuracy.

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