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tde digital production

Combining unique data, AI, and automation to reduce oil and gas well cost, enhance well production and reduce CO2 footprint.

As a leader in operational efficiency improvement, tde expanded its services to production with the ultimate determination to cover the entire life cycle of the well in one integrated data-driven model.

tde's innovative production platform allows you to conquer the shortcomings of existing data gathering systems and simplifies this leveraging powerful Industry Internet of Things (IIoT) applications.

At the well level, the data integration drives unique well surveillance tools that along with expert-driven knowledge empower predictive data analytics and advisory services providing the platform to control optimization actions in one fully automated loop. At the reservoir level, an innovative approach is developed to locate remaining reserves in a quick and reliable way. Collectively, tde solutions turn data into insights to empower the wells to outperform.

Data drives our digital production platform for informed decision-making, enabled by the innovative solutions tde ingest, tde perform, and tde pcs with the lowest impact on risk, cost, and environment.

From data to insight to action – learn how tde digital production solutions enable outperformance...