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Historical and real-time data acquisition and management - adapt to any environment using IoT technology to enable digital transformation - empowering outperformance.

We ingest and aggregate data from sensors at the well site. The tde field gateway is a powerful device to support the ingestion of data in different formats to industry standards and transfer for subsequent processing and quality control.

infinite scalability

The tde field gateway is the portable device with no limitations to ingest streaming sensor and channel data at the well site, eliminating the need for an expensive server for data aggregation and KPI analysis. The outgoing data streams are buffered to prevent loss of data if the communication is interrupted. As soon as the connection is re-established, the buffered data is transmitted to the servers.

meeting industry standards

Well service sensor data is ingested and converted to the industry standards and audited following our “Quality of Service” concept, ranked by source and provider to ensure that the highest quality of data is delivered for subsequent processing.

historical data ingestion

tde ingest processes hundreds of thousands of raw historical data in order to set Key Performance Indicator benchmarks to identify and empower customers to improve.

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