tde geothermal technology
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tde geothermal technology

Why Geothermal?

  • We utilize our high experience in oil and gas, expertise and data
  • Dual commodity value - able to produce heat and electricity
    • plus, add-ons such mineral extraction and CO2 sequestration depending on local geological conditions
  • Baseload clean electricity
  • 24/7 - 365 days a year
  • Does not require backup peaking capacity to ensure resiliency of the grid
  • Primary use Large Scale Heat Network; secondary use Domestic, Agriculture, Aquaculture
  • Lowest environmental footprint of renewables
  • Effective renewable for Green House Gas Reduction


Utilizing our 20 years of expertise and experience of data-driven solutions to deliver geothermal energy.


tde geothermal technology provides clean energy by utilizing more than 13 years of expertise and experience of developing new drilling and exploration technologies, by implementing proven oil and gas technologies to deliver innovative geothermal solutions and tools.
tde geothermal technology enables the development and production of geothermal energy from the geothermal well through to the end-user.

tde energy supports companies to drill geothermal wells effectively while reducing environmental impact with tde digital independent, performance optimization solutions with proven savings.

tde geothermal technology provides clean energy by recycling existing deep, open oil and gas wells, to converting into geothermal wells to provide heat and clean energy.

tde proNova for geothermal

tde believes that drilling organizations can only manage what they can reliably measure. Therefore, by providing the most accurate, real-time monitoring product, tde proNova empowers customers to sustainably improve their performance and reduce well construction costs by drilling safer and more profitable geothermal wells.

tde powerline for geothermal

tde powerline enables safe, competitive, and sustainable drilling, as the industry's first high power and high-bandwidth intelligent digital drilling system. tde powerline facilitates cost-effective and reliable drilling automation with minimal environmental footprint by delivering safe, efficient geothermal wells digitally and consistently, accurately whilst being on schedule.


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