Transform brownfield well production with tde sona

Elevate your operational efficiency with our automated multi-measurement system, designed for optimal production and reduced HSE risks.

tde bottomhole pressure

Provides accurate determination of bottomhole pressure using a proprietary S-curve correlation method, enhancing well monitoring and management.

Advanced automation for brownfield well optimization

tde sona is a fully automated multi-measurement system designed to optimize production in brownfield wells with high flexibility and mobility, significantly reducing workforce effort and on-site HSE risks.


Continuous Measurement

Automates fluid level measurement for real-time operational optimization, preventing pump failures.

Broad Compatibility

Suitable for all pump types (ESP, PCP, SRP) in both vertical and horizontal wells.

High Mobility

Available as both a mobile unit and for permanent installation.

Additional accessories and services

tde wellhead pressure

An accessory that enhances bottom hole pressure calculations, tde wellhead pressure can be integrated with tde sona or used standalone.

tde sona calibration

Offers a unique solution for measuring the speed of sound in gas across various annular spaces, complementing the tde sona device. Suitable for environments with temperatures ranging from -30°C to +80°C and pressures up to 1,500 psi.

tde sona is a fully automated system designed to optimize production in brownfield wells through advanced multi-measurement capabilities.

It minimizes human intervention on-site by automating measurements, thus reducing the potential for accidents and exposure to hazardous environments.

Yes, tde sona is compatible with various pump types including ESP, PCP, and SRP, and is suitable for both vertical and horizontal wells.

It can measure fluid levels, bottomhole pressure, liquid in well annulus, and casing head pressure, and also generates an acoustic profile of the well.

tde sona offers high flexibility and mobility, with options available for both permanent installation and as a mobile unit for versatile field applications.