Optimize operations and drive insights with our Data Management and Visualization suite.

Streamline processes, integrate seamlessly, and leverage real-time analytics for enhanced efficiency across industries.

The tde data gateway is an advanced hardware solution designed to handle multiple data formats, eliminates the need for large servers, ensures continuity with buffered outputs and supports various communication protocols, enhancing portable data management solutions.

Portable and Versatile: Easily integrates with various tde products and supports multiple communication protocols.

Data Buffering: Prevents data loss during communication interruptions, ensuring data integrity.

tde ingest is a sophisticated algorithm within the tde data gateway that standardizes data from rigs or wells into WITSML format, enhancing data compatibility and integration.

Data transformation: Converts diverse data formats seamlessly.

Integration efficiency: Facilitates better data management and utilization across systems.

tde data store is a scalable cloud service tailored for high-level computational demands, supporting big data projects, AI and IoT.

Scalability and security: Meets extensive computational needs with top-tier security.

Support for advanced applications: Ideal for AI, machine learning and big data initiatives.

tde trace is a dynamic visualization platform that provides real-time views of sensor data alongside operational states and performance KPIs.

Real-time monitoring: Offers immediate insights into sensor data and operations.

Customizable visualization: Tailored to meet specific user needs and enhance decision-making.

The tde data management solution processes daily drilling reports and supports complex data management tasks, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Comprehensive data handling: Covers everything from ingestion to analytics.

Enhanced accuracy and usability: Streamlines operations and improves data-driven decisions.