Streamline your drilling time, cost and CO2 emissions estimation with tde plan:

Automatically generate operations sequence with estimated time based on KPI data from offset wells

Empower your planning team with tde plan’s advanced automation, enabling rapid time and costs estimations in minutes, not months, while ensuring high accuracy in risk and cost management through integrated data analytics.

Improve planning process, accelerate cost management, save time.

tde plan is an advanced software that automates the generation of operational sequences based on KPI data from offset wells. It automatically delivers time, cost, and CO2 emissions estimations to streamline and improve the planning process, workflows, and reporting.

minutes or less to plan a well
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Operation Sequence

Trust decades of learnings from over 70,000 wells to automatically generate operations sequence with estimated time based on KPI data from offset wells.

Minimal input data is needed for tde plan to run the first simulation and immediately an estimated result. Just some meta information and well design data is required to start.

tde plan is a tool that revolutionizes well planning by enabling quick plan formulation in minutes instead of weeks, through automated workflows and real-time data integration.

It automatically generates interactive risk profiles and detailed cost plans, using historical data to optimize operation sequences and cost estimations, thus enhancing decision-making and reducing financial uncertainties.

tde plan is highly customizable and integrates seamlessly with other tde digital solutions like tde pronova, supporting the creation of multiple operation plans for optimal execution strategies.

It features big data analytics for informed drilling planning, early risk identification to mitigate issues, and integrates these to enhance planning efficiency and accuracy.

The platform facilitates improved team communication and alignment, making it easier for teams to collaborate on planning and execution.