Revolutionize your drilling operations with tde state

Unlock the power of automated operational state recognition to boost efficiency and accuracy in your drilling processes.

Ensure precise monitoring and control during drilling operations.

tde state is a patented Operation Recognition engine designed to enhance drilling operations by automatically identifying operational states from sensor data. This innovative tool combines rule-based models with advanced machine learning algorithms, drawing on tde’s extensive data resources.

How it works?

tde state's logic integrates physical modeling with machine learning to process data streams, detecting states like ‘in slips’, ‘drilling rotating’, and ‘run in hole’.

Automatic operational state detection

tde state simplifies workflows by automatically detecting crucial drilling states, reducing the need for manual monitoring and minimizing errors.

Performance KPIs

After identifying operational states, tde state calculates detailed drilling performance KPIs, providing insights necessary for optimizing drilling efficiency.

Integration and compatibility

tde state is built for easy integration with existing drilling and data systems, enhancing data utilization without disrupting existing workflows.

Enhancing drilling operations

With tde state, operators achieve a new level of precision and efficiency in their drilling operations, backed by data-driven insights and automated state recognition, which are crucial for operational success in today’s competitive energy market.

tde state is a patented Operation Recognition engine that uses advanced algorithms to automatically detect operational states from sensor data in drilling operations.

It employs a combination of physical, rule-based models and machine learning algorithms trained on extensive tde data to accurately identify states such as ‘in slips’, ‘drilling rotating’, and ‘run in hole’.

By automating the detection of operational states, tde state enhances monitoring accuracy, reduces manual effort, and delivers detailed performance KPIs to optimize drilling efficiency.

Yes, tde state is designed for seamless integration with existing drilling and data systems, facilitating enhanced data utilization and operational efficiency.

tde state distinguishes itself by integrating both rule-based models and machine learning algorithms, enabling it to process real-time sensor data efficiently. This combination enhances drilling operations by significantly improving precision and control.