Save time on daily reporting and focus on outperforming.

Automating your DDR efforts

Let tde supervise apply its sophisticated analysis of data arriving from the rig to take over your routine activity reporting.

Activity operation detection

tde supervise detects the type of rig activities happening in near real-time, and conveniently compiles them for you.

Save your time, save your efforts

The compiled data includes textual descriptions and auto-calculated key parameters. You're good to go!

Custom coding support

Using your own coding system? Not a problem – tde's experts will adapt and import it into tde supervise.

Automatic yet accessible

Although usually automatic, tde supervise allows the user to take full manual control over editing if and when needed.

Standardized and precise

Apart from saving effort, automatic descriptions ensure homogenous formatting across the entire fleet.

Undeniable objectivity

Since the analyses are based on millions of neutral data, tde supervise's reports are not subject to individual moods or biases.

Integrate deeply with client DDR systems

A step further? Instead of exporting, we can connect tde supervise to your DDR system for a fully streamlined workflow.

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