Aker BP setting new standards in rig efficiency



Following the incredible success of Deepsea Stavanger, Aker BP set out to seek operational excellence with the Deepsea Nordkapp (DSN) by engaging tde’s pronova to monitor and implement performance benchmarking across multiple rig operations, with the ambition to be ‘best of the best’ of the global Aker BP fleet.

How pronova helps

Aker BP practices data liberation to enable all stakeholders within the DSN one team to have 24/7 access to their current operational performance. Emphasis was placed on controlling the components of Drilling Weight to Weight connection times, including Weight to Slips Time, Slip to Slip Time and, Slip to Weight Time and Tripping Slip to Slip connection times. This strategy drastically improved the rigs performance resulting in several operational records being achieved over the course of the campaign. By fine tuning operational procedures being that were monitored by proNova and making incremental changes, Aker BP were able to gain significant time savings across the one-year drilling campaign starting in March 2020.


  • 80 hours saved time ($3 million equivalent cost savings).
  • Best tripping connection time performance in Q4 2020 and Q1 2021 of the entire Aker BP fleet.
  • Best drilling weight to weight time performance in Q1 2021 of the entire Aker BP fleet.
  • Setting new standards in rig efficiency and continually improving best practice processes, while increasing safety and performance through the application of proNova performance benchmarking.
Key Performance IndicatorsActual Savings (h)
Drilling – Weight to Weight Time8.5h
Non-Restricted Tripping – Slip to Slip Connection Time41.5h