Semi Alliance continues to outperform



After the success of 2020, Deepsea Nordkapp, one team continues to improve their operational performance, setting new benchmarks for drilling operational efficiency while minimizing the environmental impact by reducing CO2 emissions and setting new world records.

How tde pronova empowers Aker BP

Based on the continuous monitoring of drilling operations in real time with proNova and adopting the “One Team” strategy, Semi Alliance were able to identify the operational areas to be improved. Drilling crews focused on the components of Drilling Weight to Weight Connection Times, which includes Weight to Slips Time, Slips to Slips Time and Slips to Weight Time. Apart from Drilling KPIs, also Casing and Tripping Slip to Slip Connection times were closely monitored. In the quest of becoming the best performing rig of the Aker BP fleet, and thanks to the continuous efforts of the drilling crews and their focus on performance, the overall efficiency was improved. Aker BP have conituned to break their own world record setting an incredible new Weight to Weight (W2W) Time of 1.60 minutes and a huge reduction of 767 tons of CO2 emissions.


Actual Savings accumulated in 2021 alone equals to 4.61 days.

Key Performance IndicatorsActual Savings (d)
Non-Restricted Tripping – Slip to Slip Connection Time2.33
Drilling – Weight to Weight Time1.98
Non-Restricted Casing – Slip to Slip Connection Time0.30
Total Actual Savings4.61

For 2022, the targets are set based on the best well average for the selected KPIs. With these targets in place, in 2021 a total of almost 1.7 days of savings potential was identified.

Key Performance IndicatorsSavings Potential (d)
Non-Restricted Tripping – Slip to Slip Connection Time0.78
Drilling – Weight to Weight Time0.81
Non-Restricted Casing – Slip to Slip Connection Time0.10
Total Savings Potential1.68